The number of people with diabetes is skyrocketing, putting millions at risk of vision loss from diabetic retinopathy.

There are about 60 million people with diabetes in the European Region. After 15 years with diabetes, approximately 2% will go blind from diabetic retinopathy, and about 10% will develop severe visual impairment. (World Health Organization)

How are we going to efficiently handle the influx of patients who need reliable screening?

An AI diagnostic system that detects signs of diabetic retinopathy in retinal images

• Proven to be effective in real-world clinical workflows

• ​Results in less than a minute - no human grader

• Clinically validated with high sensitivity and specificity

Interested in IDx-DR?

Used in clinical care across Europe

IDx-DR has clearance as a Class IIa Medical Device for sale in the European Union and received the CE mark from Underwriter’s Laboratory in 2013.
A digital copy of the CE Certificate for IDx-DR can be reviewed here.

How it Works

Easy to use

  • Minimal operator training needed
  • Uses standard 2-image per eye protocol and accepts most image formats, including DICOM
  • Designed with common output formats to directly interface with other medical software and health record systems

Clear Output

Within one minute, the IDx-DR user will know if:
1) Exam quality was insufficient - Low quality images can be retaken immediately, while the patient is still at the camera
2) The patient is negative for referable DR - The patient can be re-screened at the normal  interval
3) The patient has signs of referable DR - Outputs of Moderate DR detected or Vision-threatening DR detected indicate further action:
a. Over-read by a human grader
b. Tele-consultation
c. Referral to an ophthalmologist

Image Quality Feedback

Immediate image quality feedback enables even novice users to capture the high quality images needed for accurate disease detection, reducing the number of patient call-backs.

Insufficient Quality

Sufficient Quality

Our Partners

IDx is partnered with Medical Workshop in the Netherlands and IBM Watson Health across the rest of the EU for distribution of IDx-DR.