Meet Caitlin Danielson

Caitlin Danielson came to work at IDx as a software engineer after graduating from the University of Iowa in 2016. While looking for career opportunities after graduation Danielson came across IDx, where she applied to be an intern. “I knew I wanted to work at IDx when I saw what the company was doing and fell in love.”

“I have a soft spot for small companies, there is something about them that you don’t get anywhere else. The culture is very open, you can walk into anyone’s office and talk to anyone about anything. It’s a very collaborative environment where you can get help from all the different departments if you need to.” This commitment to collaboration and openness is essential in Danielson’s position since she manages multiple projects concurrently.

"At times I may have a lot of different projects going on that I have to split my time between, or I may be called upon to help someone else with a problem they are struggling with, but that’s what keeps it interesting. No two days are exactly the same.”

With each passing day at IDx Danielson says she learns something new.  

“I love how often I stay challenged at IDx. Every day I get to figure something out and do something useful."

“There is no point when you know everything. You will always have something to learn, whether it's being better at interpersonal communication or becoming a better developer. You will never stop learning.”

As a software engineer for a company working with artificial intelligence, Danielson knows that AI can be a hard concept for people to comprehend. “What I think people don’t understand is that AI is not just what you might think of in the tech industry, but it can also have an impact on simple day to day things in the average person’s life.” For example, the way IDx-DR is helping patients with diabetes get tested for diabetic retinopathy in their primary care office.

“You don’t have to wonder if what you are building is right because you have the blueprint to make sure that it is."

Danielson works on non-device software at IDx, meaning she looks at the processes that are already in place and assesses risk management within the company’s software development. “I look at what we are building, what risks are involved, what we might do to mitigate those risks, then verify there are no more potential risks that need addressed.”

Throughout this process Danielson is always aware of the need for verification and transparency. “Regulations heavily impact what I do. There are specified processes when working on any project, from set up, to implementation, to testing, to release. Start to finish on every project. The cool thing is that it makes the process easier in a way. You don’t have to wonder if what you are building is right because you have the blueprint to make sure that it is.”

“I never thought I would end up at a medical device company, but IDx completely changed my mind. “We are making great products that are helping people. I get to be a part of improving how IDx does things internally so we can have a significant impact on healthcare externally.”

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