Meet Alexander Goloshchapov

When Alexander Goloshchapov was looking to join IDx as a Principal Software Engineer, he had some very specific priorities in mind. “I wanted a job where I can be of help and still do what I like.” He was also drawn in by the small-company mindset of IDx where everyone is needed and essential. “It’s important to have the right team to get the product done in the right way.”

The right way at a medical technology company can be challenging. Dedication to transparency and veracity at every level, especially the developmental level, are essential. Prior to IDx, Goloshchapov had never worked for a medical device company and quickly learned regulations and documentation are a critical part of his programming.

One of the things Goloshchapov appreciates most about IDx is its commitment to transparency. “IDx has a culture of speaking your mind. Everybody can express concerns and talk about stuff. Everybody is encouraged to be critical and speak up,” said Goloshchapov.

Goloshchapov said that patient safety is the driving force behind documentation. “The whole point of doing this is to help people.” said Goloshchapov.

The process of a 100% documented software cycle is not only so everything can be explained in the future, but also so the developers can have a better understanding of why they are doing what they are doing.

“IDx has a culture of speaking your mind. Everybody is encouraged to be critical and speak up.”

Goloshchapov iterated that following procedure is essential to ensuring everything is done correctly and with patient safety in mind. “There is not a question about fixing quality concerns. If we see it, we will address it,” said Goloshchapov.

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